Recipe: Paneer or Chanar Jalebi (पनीर जलेबी)


Paneer Jalebi or chanar Jalebi is a tempting dessert from Bengal. Actually this is the challenge by our fellow blogger Chandrani of Cuisine Delights in SNC event organised by Divya. Actually this is the event, where one member from north team challenge the south team and vice versa. This time, Chandrani, from north team challenged with this awesome Bengali sweet Chhenar Jalebi. Thanks you for challenging us with the yummy and famous sweet. On this special occasion we are celebrating it with paneer jalebi which Bongs fondly refers to as “chanar jilepi”. Bengal the sweet pot of India always relishes on sweets that are made with pure fresh chana or cheese rather than the milk solids or mawa. This chanar jilepi or paneer jalebi is very much indigenous to the Bengali cuisine and is something that you wont come across in other cities frequently.


Paneer Jalebi or Chanar Jalebi is a delicious cheese dessert made with fresh cottage cheese or paneer.It will be a nice variation from the regular jalebi. It is airy, soft and juicy. My fried told me about this dish and she asked me give it a try. I am glad I did. It turned out so good and I loved it. Try this dish for any special occasions or festivals and enjoy with your family.


Paneer Jalebi Made of paneer, khoya and maida, Chanar Jeelapi. Paneer jalebi is the Indian sweet made with pure fresh chana or paneer and then dunked in thick cardamom flavoured syrup.


Paneer Jalebi are basically few types Paneer Jalebi, Jangri Jalebi, Imarti, Rabdi Jalebi, Lookmanji’s XL.


Cooking Time : 30min
Preparation Time : 50min
Inactive : 30min
Lifespan : 4 Days

Ingredients :

For Batter:
  • 2 cups Homemade paneer(Chhena) -Cottage Cheese
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • ½ cup Plain flour – Maida
  • 11/4 cup water or as needed to adjust the batter consistancy
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 tablespoon Ghee
  • Few drops of yellow food color
  • More ghee or oil for frying
For Sugar Syrup
  • 2 cups/200gm sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Few drops Rosewater or few strands of saffron can be added for flavor
  • slivered pistachio for garnishing, if availalbe
3988-26737-IMG_33982Recipe :
  1. Mix the all purpose flour with paneer and knead to make a smooth dough. If you need add little milk.
  2. Take small portion of the dough and roll into rope like thing. Then make it into spiral shaped or Jalebi shaped n keep aside.
  3. Now in a vessel heat the oil with medium flame. When the oil gets heated, meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by adding water and sugar in another separate vessel. If you need add some cardamoms and saffron strands. When sugar gets dissolved and switch off when you get the single string consistency for the sugar syrup.
  4. Now in the hot oil add the spiral shaped paneer slowly one by one.
  5. When they turn to golden brown colour remove from oil and add it to the hot sugar syrup.
    nd remove the sourness of lime.
  6. Do the same for the rest of the jalebi and allow the Jalebi, to soak in sugar syrup for 1 to 2 hours atleast.
  7. Serve it with some chopped nuts and sugar syrup.

To make Sugar Syrup –

  1. In a wide pan add water and sugar, allow the sugar to melt on high flame.
  2. While the sugar syrup is boiling, reduce the flame and add saffron strands soaked in water. Keep the syrup in thin consistency.


Details :

For easy & quick method, u can also try this chanar jalebi using store bought paneer. If it crumbles just add couple of tbsp of milk and flour and knead well until u get smooth dough.
Instead of lemon juice you can also use 1-2 tbsp curd to curdle the milk.


1) While rolling the dough, if cracks appears then moist the hand and then roll it again.

2) The temperature of the oil is very critical, should neither be too hot nor warm.

3) While frying the jalebis in hot oil, the jalebis will slowly change the color.

4) Dunk the jalebis in only warm to medium hot syrup.



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