Recipe: Malai Ladoo / Malai Modak / Milk Laddu / Paneer Laddu


Malai Ladoo is a traditional recipe that is prepared for many Indian festivals and auspicious occasions. It is prepared from the cream that is obtained from evaporating sweetened milk. Malai Ladoo is often prepared as an offering to the gods. The malai Ladoo can be made using not just a malai base but aslo using Mawa and condensed milk. In the case of condensed milk, sugar isn’t necessary for the recipe.

Malai ladoo or Malai modak recipe for ganesh chaturthi. A delicious rich milk dessert for festive occasions and celebrations. I had made malai ladoo, a couple of times before using condensed milk and paneer. This time i made this without condensed milk using only whole milk and organic sugar. Malai ladoo aka paneer ladoo is one of the most famous sweets in North India.


Adding kewra essence to the mixture of milk and paneer makes Indian malai ladoo. Learn how to make these yummy ladoo.


Soft and milky, the Coconut Malai Ladoo is a tasty sweet that is perfect for the festive season. Coconuts have a distinct flavor and they taste wonderful when combined with milk and sugar. I’ve been making these sweet ladoo for the past two diwalis and my friends and family love it. Its very easy and convenient to make with simple ingredients.


There are different types of ways for making Kesar Malai Ladoo. Traditionally, this Ladoo is made with Paneer and Malai mixed together. You can also add Paneer to mawa and make this Ladoo but if you don’t have mawa then you can mix Paneer and condensed milk.


Cooking Time : 20min
Preparation Time : 40min
Lifespan : 7days
Ingredients :
  • 2 liters or 8 cups milk
  • half cup sugar
  • 1.5 to 2 tbsp.lemon juice (adjust as needed)
  • generous pinch of cardamom powder
  • Nuts for garnishing (optional)
  • Kesar or saffron (optional)


Recipe :
Step 1-Bring 2 liters or 8 cups of milk to a boil. Simmer for 5 to 7 minutes until a cream layer is formed.
Step 2-Measure 2 cups of boiled milk from the pot along with cream or malai and add it to a heavy bottom pot. Set that aside.
Step 3-Add 1 ½ to 2 tbsp. lemon juice or as needed to the rest of the 6 cups milk. Stir it well.
Step 4-When you see the milk begins to curdle , switch off the stove and rest it for a while.
Step 5-Now add half cup sugar to the 2 cups of milk that was set aside.
Step 6-Stir and allow it to simmer until the milk reduces to half. This doesn’t take very long time since it is only 2 cups milk. Keep stirring often to prevent burning.
Step 7-While the milk simmers, drain off the paneer to a colander lined with a muslin cloth. Drain the whey completely. Rinse under running water.
Step 8-Squeeze off excess water from the paneer. The more whey or moisture left in the paneer, the longer we will have to cook in the later steps. So make sure all the liquid is drained completely.
Step 9-When the milk reduces to half, add crumbled paneer.
Step 10-Stir well until milk and paneer blends well. You can also add some saffron soaked in little milk now.
Step 11-Cook until the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the pot. If you like you can add cardamom powder now. But the malai ladoo tastes good even with out cardamom powder. Cool the mixture completely.
Take small portions of the cooled mixture and roll to balls. Garnish with nuts if desired. If making modak, these cannot be shaped without a mould. Grease a mould and fill this mixture and stuff well for a good binding. Gently remove them from the mould.
  1. Boil milk until a layer of cream forms on top. Set aside 2 cups of milk along with the cream.
  2. Add lemon juice and curdle the 6 cups of milk. Drain in a colander lined with thin cloth.
  3. Rinse under running water to remove the lemon smell.
  4. Drain off completely.
  5. Condense the rest of the 2 cups of milk with sugar until it reduces to half.
  6. Add the drained paneer and stir.
  7. Cook until the mixture thickens. Add cardamom powder. Mix. Cool completely.
  8. Grease a mould and fill the mixture inside. Stuff it well to prevent breaking.
  9. Gently remove the modak from mould. Or the mixture can be simply be rolled to balls or malai ladoo.

Details :

Malai Ladoo recipe is one of the simplest sweet recipes you can make at home on festivals and occasions. In festive seasons we all have some doubts over quality of sweets we get in market, So why not you make sweets at home only and Malai Laddo would be a yummy delight to serve on festivals. Minimum Ingredients and Maximum taste this is what we can say about Malai Ladoo.




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